What insight(s) could change your life forever?

Have you ever:

  • read, seen or heard something that changed your whole perspective for the better?
  • made a finer distinction that clarified your understanding of something important?
  • learned a skill or taken an action that was small and simple, and yet it made a HUGE difference?

These have happened for me (and the hundreds of people I've learned with over the years) countless times

I'm typing these words on my 60th birthday.  (21,915 days so far!)

I don't know how many more days I have (none of us do!), but while I'm here, I really want to make the best of this life, and to keep helping others do the same.

That's why I've decided to create a series called, 60 Life-Changing Lessons in 60 Weeks.

Not EVERY lesson will be life-changing for you, but ANY one of them could be.

If you've not already signed up and would like to:

  1. Simply click the "Count me in!" button & enter your details

  2. Each Friday, you'll be notified that a new lesson is available.

If all goes to plan, the final one will be published here in March, 2022.  
When my father-in-law would have been 101 (40 years ahead of me).
And when my youngest son will be 21 (40 years behind me).
(These simple facts keep my own life in perspective...)

As an optimist, I like to believe that I'll be alive and healthy enough to share this stuff for at least another 15 months beyond my 60th!

So, let's see how far we get on this journey together...

Are you ready?

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